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Extended Learning

MSC03 2190
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Phone: 1-800-345-1807
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Technical & Academic Support for Online Courses

Technical Support

24/7 Phone Support

Albuquerque: 505-277-0857
Toll free: 877-688-8817
Note: 24/7 support available via phone only.

How to get help with Learn: Support Tickets, FAQ, Video Tutorials, Resources

Visit UNM Online's Help website for assistance.

Extended Learning provides comprehensive support for the UNM Enterprise Learning Management System (LMS), Blackboard Learn. Support is available for students and faculty.

UNM Knowledge Base

StudentInfo is UNM's Knowledge Base of answers to frequently asked questions.
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Faculty: FastInfo is UNM's Knowledge Base of answers to frequently asked questions for faculty.
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Academic Support


The UNM  Center for Academic Support (CAPS) provides a range of services, including interactive online tutoring, to help students meet the challenges of their courses at UNM.

Albuquerque: 505-277-7205

University Libraries

All the resources of UNM's library system are available at UNM's ELIBRARY link. “Ask a Librarian” is available by chat, text, email or phone. 

The University Libraries are now part of Worldshare Management Services (WMS) which provides students with access to search liibraries worldwide. Print course reserves are also found at this link. 

Links to UNM support, services, and activities is a one-stop information source for UNM academic services, social activities, cultural activities, and health and wellness support, on and off campus.


UNM Online Advisement

Albuquerque: 505-277-8128
toll free: 1-866-869-6040

Academic Program Advisement

Visit UNM Online's Program Advisor List 
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links to degree program websites
and faculty directories.