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How do Online Courses Work?

UNM Online courses count for the same credit and appear on your transcript in the same manner as campus-based courses. You may take an online course or two along with your regular schedule! Online degree completion programs offer many students throughout New Mexico — and beyond — the opportunity to complete a degree from UNM.

Can I take an online course with my regular schedule?

Yes, and it is a good idea! While online courses follow the regular UNM semester, with a weekly agenda determined by the instructor, there is a great deal of flexibility for your daily schedule. You may take care of class work when you choose, at any location that you have a computer and internet access. Visit "How to get started online" to learn more.

What is an online course like?

Learners access primary content and instruction through UNM Learn using a variety of tools including email, chat, discussion boards, web pages, and multimedia technologies. Specific technologies employed will vary by course and instructor. Depending on the teaching style of the instructor and the course content, instruction can take place synchronously (all participants in the course log in at the same time) or asynchronously (participants log on and participate as their schedule permits), or some combination of the above.

UNM Online provides course details for any course-specific instructions / equipment needs, defined by the instructor. You may find the course detail by clicking the course title in the Online Course Schedule.

Online courses are developed and instructed by UNM faculty

Generally, the instructor is also teaching Albuquerque campus-based sections of the same course offered online. Also, UNM Online courses count for the same credit and appear on your transcript in the same manner as campus-based courses.

Hybrid courses

Hybrid classes are taught half in the classroom and half online. A class may be using either UNM Learn or the WebCT Vista software in Spring 2013. Students must attend face-to-face class instruction and login to their online hybrid course each week for the duration of the semester.

In both online and hybrid courses, specific technologies employed will vary by course and instructor.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is distance education?
  2. Can you tell me more about online courses?
  3. How do I enroll in online courses?
  4. How do I get started?
  5. How do I find technical and / or academic support?

What is distance education?

Distance education through the University of New Mexico creates access to courses for students who may choose not to attend classes on UNM main campus or who choose to take classes in an alternative form. Our distance education programs provide extended learning opportunities to help students obtain their degree.

UNM's Extended University offers courses through the following methods:


Students access course content and instruction through WebCT using a variety of methods including e-mail, chat, discussion boards, web pages and multimedia technologies. Typically, the majority (if not all) of coursework takes place online. Some online courses have face-to-face meetings scheduled; however, the courses are designed for out of town students to take the class. Usually some sort of synchronous web communication is arranged so that distance students can attend. Likewise, group activities are usually conducted online, since people often are not living in the same locale.


Interactive Television (ITV) is a unit within Media Technology Services (MTS) in which two-way videoconferencing technology is utilized to provide educational access to students at distant locations. Main campus courses are videoconferenced to Extended University field centers including locations in Farmington, Gallup, Hobbs, Kirtland Air Force Base, Los Alamos, Santa Fe, Taos, Valencia, UNM West (Rio Rancho), and at Sandia National Labs.


Correspondence courses are independent study courses in which the curriculum material is exchanged between the student and the instructor. The student will obtain the textbook on his or her own and will receive the course work from the instructor, typically via mail. Upon completion, the student will send the materials back to the instructor for grading. Students have one calendar year from the date of registration to complete a correspondence section.

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Can you tell me more about online courses?


Online courses are considered equivalent to their face-to-face counterparts and do not have additional restrictions, so you may combine online courses with face-to-face courses during the same semester. For tuition, financial aid and scholarship purposes, you may use a combination of credits from online courses and face-to-face courses toward your full-time credit load. There are no limits as to the number of online credits that may be used to fulfill your degree requirements. Online courses follow the university academic calendar and have due dates set by the instructor, just like campus courses. Most follow 16- and 8-week formats with learning activities scheduled on a weekly basis.


The cost for online classes does not differ per credit hour from face-to-face courses; however, in addition to tuition and fees there is an additional $100 delivery fee charged for each online course. Please visit to view the current tuition rates.

Degree Programs

UNM offers a variety of online courses. Please visit online course and degree completion programs and the course schedule for a list of online course offerings.

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How do I enroll in online courses?


To take an online course, you must be a UNM student; however, you do not have to be in a degree granting program to enroll in online courses. An undergraduate student can take a maximum of 30 credit hours as a non-degree student before being required to transfer to a degree granting program. There is no limit to credit hours taken by a graduate student in non-degree status. However, most graduate programs limit the number of credits taken in non-degree status that may be used toward a graduate degree.  Please check with your graduate program advisor to determine if credits earned in non-degree status will be accepted toward a graduate degree. Credits may be transferred to a degree status after you have applied and been admitted to a degree granting program.

To apply to UNM and for more information on admissions, please visit


Orientation is required for all degree seeking students at UNM. UNM offers orientation programs specifically designed for incoming freshmen, transfer and non-traditional students, returning students, dual and concurrent enrollment students, family members, and students who reside at a distance. Information on the orientation program best suited for you can be found at


In order to register for and access your online courses, you will need a UNM NetID. This account is free.  You can create your account twenty-four hours after being admitted to UNM via the online request form located at


To register for online courses, you must be a UNM student and have a UNM NetID.   Login to using your UNM NetID and password. Click on the "Student Life" tab along the top of the page and then select the "LoboWeb" link located in the center of the page. From the Student Menu, select "Registration and Records".

If you DO NOT know the CRN number for the course, select "Search Class Schedule for Classes to Add". Click "Accept Financial Responsibility" and then click on submit. Select the term you will be registering for and click on submit. Select the subject of interest in the "Subject" field, then select "Online" in the "Instructional Method" field, and then click on submit. If the course is available, you may click in the box to the left of the course listing then click "Register" at the bottom of the page.

If you DO know the CRN number for the course, select "Registration Add/Drop Classes". Next, select "Accept Financial Responsibility" and submit. Enter the CRN numbers in the text fields located at the bottom of the page, then click "Submit Changes".

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How do I get started?

Textbooks and Materials

Available textbook information may be found through the UNM Bookstore website,, to search by subject and instructor. Course specific details, including required texts and materials are listed on the Online Course Schedule and may be found be clicking on the course title.  Please check the detailed course description frequently, as course details are subject to change.

Access Your Course

On the first day of the semester, you will have access to your course via Blackboard Learn, UNM’s official Learning Management System (LMS), which is used for delivering courses or portions of courses over the internet at UNM. It is recommended that you login to on the first day of the semester to see if there are any instructions you need to follow for your online course.

To access your course, visit and login using your UNM NetID and password. For information about how to navigate through Blackboard Learn, please visit

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How do I find technical and / or academic support?


For academic advising for online programs, contact the College Advisor for your course. For questions, contact the Online Student Programs Advisor by email at, or call 505-277-8128.

Technical Support

For technical support you may visit the student support website at, email, or call 505-277-0857.


The Center for Academic Program Support (CAPS) is a free educational assistance program available to all undergraduate UNM students. CAPS offers a variety of online services available at

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