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Interactive Webcasting (ITV)

What is an ITV course at UNM?

Once called instructional television, today Interactive Webcasting (ITV) courses expand the possibilities for students who pursue their studies in remote locations. Through web conferencing technology, classes offered at main campus are transmitted simultaneously for viewing at other places.

There are 2 ways for distance students to attend an interactive webcasting course:
  1. Attend at a defined receive-site location. Several locations across the state are available at UNM Bachelor & Graduate Program Centers in Farmington, Gallup, Los Alamos, Santa Fe, Taos, and Valencia.
  2. Attend with a computer connected to the Internet or a personal mobile device.

No matter how students choose to attend, they will experience an interactive course taught by UNM faculty. Expectations on UNM distance students are the same as those attending in person. All students use the same class materials and are expected to participate. Students use the university’s learning management system, UNM Learn ( to access course materials, submit assignments and interact with faculty and students. Each professor has his or her own style, so students’ ITV experiences will vary.

More about selecting to attend a course on a personal device

Interactive Webcasting Class on a Desktop

The option to attend a course on a personal device requires further explanation. These courses are labeled in Loboweb as online courses. This means there is a $100 delivery fee and students are expected to attend class at specified days and times. The requirement to attend courses at particular days/times is not like typical online courses where class participation has fewer or no required synchronous/regularly schedule meetings. Failure to attend online courses with regular, required synchronous meetings could seriously impact a student’s grade. Additional technical requirements to attend a course on a personal device include a reliable, high speed internet connection (preferably cable or DSL); a modern personal device (such as a laptop or smart phone); a web camera and microphone, though most modern devices have these built in.


Students have several support options including:

Schedule of interactive webcasting courses

Main campus courses are sent to receive sites at the Gallup, Los Alamos, Taos and Valencia Branches as well as sites in Farmington, Santa Fe, and UNM West. (Use these links to find your class schedule!)

Interactive webcasting courses delivered to a personal device are online synchronous courses. Visit for a complete schedule of online classes.