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Extended Learning

MSC03 2190
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Independent Study at UNM

Independent Study, offered by correspondence, offers students a flexible, convenient alternative to earn college credit for those who cannot attend regular classes. In addition, they provide an opportunity for all UNM students located anywhere to add to their credit hours in their degree programs. Lower and upper division courses spanning a wide range of disciplines are available for registration. Many degrees allow, with some restrictions, up to 30 credit hours of correspondence courses to be applied toward graduation.


Students currently admitted to UNM are eligible to register for Correspondence Courses through the Independent Study Office during specified registration periods. Students not currently admitted must apply either for readmission or non-degree admission online or through the Admissions Office located at the One Stop in Mesa Vista Hall (Albuquerque main campus) or at the One Stop located at 1155 University SE at the corner of University and Cesar Chavez (across the street from “The Pit” in Albuquerque). Complete admissions information is available at (click on "Apply to UNM") or call 505-277-2446. Once admitted to UNM, complete the Application for Correspondence form to register for your correspondence classes.


If you were previously enrolled as an undergraduate at UNM but have not taken a course for three or more sessions, including summer session, you must apply for readmission. An application to the Admissions Office is required and the cost is $15.00 to reapply. If you attended one or more universities since you were last enrolled at UNM, official transcripts from each institution are required.

Non-Degree Admission

The Non-Degree Credit Program allows students to earn academic credit without being admitted into a degree granting unit. For complete details, please visit Once the admissions process is complete and registration eligibility occurs, complete the Registration for Correspondence Course Form.

Note: Most degree granting units place an upper limit on the number of non-degree credits they will allow for graduation, so students intending to earn a degree at UNM should check with their intended degree granting unit about its non-degree policy.

Note: Students in Non-Degree status are not eligible to receive financial aid.

Responsibility for Requirements

Students are responsible for knowing the rules, regulations and requirements concerning, but not limited to, admissions, academic progress, financial aid, graduation, financial responsibility, and registration. Academic advisement at the specific department / program level as well as the college level is strongly recommended to assure timely graduation; the Correspondence Office does not provide academic advisement.

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Registering for Correspondence Courses

  • Fall: October 15
  • Spring: March 1
  • Summer: May 30

Students can begin submitting registration forms for Correspondence Courses using the posted registration dates published for traditional classes in the Schedule of Classes. Correspondence Course registration deadlines are to the right.

Note: Correspondence Course sections are restricted and the courses cannot be added by the student through Lobo Web. Start dates vary and are assigned through the Correspondence Office.

All course registrations are added to the student class schedule at the Correspondence Office. To register, follow steps 1 - 5:

  1. Review Correspondence course schedules here. The PDFs may be downloaded and / or printed.
  2. Complete the Registration Form for Correspondence Courses. Secure your college academic advisor's signature only if your GPA is a 2.0 or below and/or if a you plan to register for more than 18 credit hours during fall and spring semester or for more than 9 credit hours for the summer semester.
  3. The registration form must be submitted to the Correspondence Office by email, fax, mail, or delivered in person. (See contact information below.)
  4. Students using financial aid to pay for Correspondence Courses must also complete a Correspondence Verification Form located at the Financial Aid website at To be considered for financial aid, students are required to apply every year and are encouraged to apply for financial aid online at
  5. Students are responsible for taking care of all registration holds and other restrictions prior to registration.

Contact the Correspondence Office:
Phone: 505-277-1604
Fax: 505-277-4413
Address: 608 Buena Vista, Rm 101
(south of Las Lomas and
west of Dane Smith Hall)
on UNM Albuquerque campus

Within forty-eight hours of the Independent Study Office receiving a registration form, the course(s) will be added to the student schedule and course materials are emailed to the student.

Please contact the Correspondence Office if you have questions in regard to registration processes.


Textbooks are available at the Albuquerque main campus UNM Bookstore and/or books can be purchased through online book vendors if desired. The textbooks for Correspondence Courses are not available on the shelves with others at the bookstore. The books must be requested at the reference desk on the second floor of the bookstore.

If you have any concerns or problems with procuring textbooks for Correspondence courses, contact the textbook manager at 505-277-7478.

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Tuition & Fees

Tuition rates are available at

Tuition is billed to the student account when the course is added to the student schedule, and a $20.00 course fee is applied to each course registration.


Students should pay for a correspondence course after registration for the section. Students may pay through the bursar's office, now located at 1700 Lomas Blvd. NE, Suite 110, found on the lower level of the UNM Business Center on Lomas and University. Click for the street view of this building — may zoom out for map. If a student does not pay for a correspondence course, he or she may be disenrolled from the class and holds may be placed on his or her record until the financial obligations have been met.

UNM Financial Disenrollment policies apply to Correspondence courses. That policy and the dates for financial disenrollment can be found at

There are no late registration fees for Correspondence courses.

Senior citizen rates do not apply to Correspondence course registrations.

Refund Policy

Correspondence Courses are fully refundable if dropped on or before the 33rd day of registration AND no lessons have been submitted. All drops must be processed through the Correspondence Office. A Drop Request form can be found here.

Financial Aid

If students are using financial aid or scholarships to pay for correspondence courses, they must complete the correspondence courses during the semester to which the financial aid applies. More information regarding correspondence courses and financial aid can be found at the UNM Financial Aid Office website

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Transcripts are available from the Office of the Registrar at (see the left navigation on the linked page). Registrations in correspondence courses are recorded in student records at the time of registration, but letter grades are not recorded until the course is completed. If a student does not complete a correspondence course within the registration semester, an NR (non reported grade) will automatically be posted on the student transcript, which may have ramifications for financial aid or scholarships and/or graduation. If two years elapse from the date of registration, and the student does not complete the course or follow procedures to drop or withdraw from the course, a “W” is automatically posted on the transcript for the course.

Grade Replacement

Correspondence Courses can be used for grade replacement in accordance with the Grade Replacement Policy as described in the University Catalog. The process is not automatic and must be initiated by the student at the Records Office after the repeated course has been completed.

Enrollment Limits

Students may not take more than 18 hours during a semester, and 9 hours during the summer session, except with the approval of the student's college academic advisor. The enrollment limit for summer session for students admitted in the College of Nursing is 18 hours. Students in non-degree status who have not earned a baccalaureate degree must contact the University Advisement Center at (505) 277-2631 to determine enrollment limitations and options.

Students are encouraged to enroll in no more than two correspondence courses at a time.

Graduation Limits

A maximum of 30 hours of correspondence credits may be applied towards a bachelor degree.

Prerequisite Requirements

Prerequisites checks on all courses numbered 100 - 499 are required at UNM. If a student does not have the required prerequisite(s), the student cannot register for the specific course. Most prerequisites must be completed with a "C" or better unless approved by the department/unit offering the course.

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Academic Advisement

Connie Terry,
Division Registrar

Phone: 505-277-1604 or
Toll Free: 1-877-567-9089
Fax: 505-277-4413

Students should always seek advisement from their degree or college advisor. Permission for overloads (registering for more than 18 credit hours for the  fall/spring semesters and 9 credit hours for the summer term) and / or permission for prerequisite overrides are necessary.

Policies & Procedures

Correspondence courses follow the same policies and practices of any other kind of course offering at UNM. The following lists important exceptions:

Completion Timeline

There are two completion deadlines and each is dependent on how payment is made for a course.

  1. A student has twelve months to complete a Correspondence Course if paying tuition "out of pocket."
  2. If using financial aid, the student is required to complete a Correspondence Course within the registration semester.

Graduation/Completion Dates

Students expecting to graduate should make arrangements to complete coursework in accordance with program policy to allow sufficient time for the professor to grade the final exam and report the grade back to the Correspondence Office in order to meet graduation deadlines. It is reasonable to complete all of the required course assignments and exams prior to and no later than finals week. Find the final exam schedules in the left navigation at

Extension of Completion Timeline

Two ninety day extensions are available in addition to the twelve month completion period for students who have paid tuition out of pocket. A $50.00 fee for each extension is required. Registration deadlines cannot be extended beyond the two extensions allowed. The student must complete an Extension Request Form and submit it to the Correspondence Office for processing.

Students using financial aid are required to complete a course within the registration semester and are not granted any additional time to complete a course unless authorized through the Financial Aid Office. Please contact the Financial Aid Office to determine eligibility.

How to Withdraw

Students must complete a Withdraw Request Form and submit it to the Correspondence Course Office for processing.

How to Drop / Add

Correspondence Course registrations are restricted and cannot be dropped or added by the student through Lobo Web. To drop a course, the student must complete a Drop Request Form and submit it to the Correspondence Course Office for processing. To add a course, the student must complete a Registration Form for Correspondence Courses. A signature from an academic advisor is only necessary if your GPA is a 2.0 or below and/or if an overload to register for more than 18 credit hours is necessary.

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