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    UNM Extension Credit

    Credit by contract for organizations, institutions and agencies

    Extension Credit courses provide UNM academic undergraduate and graduate credit by contract for a variety of organizations, institutions, and agencies. (This is normally used for people not already admitted to UNM.) These entities enter into a contract with UNM to have their courses offered for college credit. Contact the Extension Credit office for information on course and faculty approval processes.


    A per-credit fee is assessed for Extension Credit courses and is based on the current year's undergraduate tuition rates. Please check with the Extension Credit office to learn what the current credit fee is.


    Registration for extension credit sections is restricted. If you are a current UNM student and wish to take an Extension credit class, please contact the office directly to learn more about this option. Extension Credit courses may apply toward UNM degree program requirements, but students should consult with the degree program department to determine any restrictions before taking the course.


    Non-UNM students taking extension credit courses will be admitted to UNM as non-degree extension students. They will be assigned a UNM ID number and a net ID and will have access to UNM LoboWeb.

    Many UNM colleges and schools participate in offering courses through the extension credit process. Organizations interested in exploring whether these courses are an option for their constituents or employees should contact the Extension Credit office at (505) 277-6400 or email extncred@unm.edu for more information.

    FAQ for Students

    How do I register for an Extension Credit Course?

    To register for these courses, you must contact the Extension Credit office directly at (505) 277-6400 or email extncred@unm.edu for assistance.

    In order to be registered, you must first be admitted to UNM, typically in non-degree status at the appropriate undergraduate or graduate level. This process will require you to complete an Extension Credit Admission and Registration Form (pdf). This form can also be emailed, faxed, or mailed to you upon request.

    After this form has been completed and submitted, you will be admitted and registered for the course indicated on your admission form.

    If you are already admitted to UNM, then you will simply be registered for the course(s) you list on the form. However, you must still complete the application form.

    All students admitted at UNM are assigned a student ID and need to obtain a network ID (Get a NetID here) with password. It is recommended you record these items and keep them in a safe place so that in the future you can access your records and use UNM services.

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    As a UNM student, can Extension Credit course credit hours count towards my full time/part time status?

    Yes, with prior permission from your program advisor, Extension Credit courses can be applied toward currently enrolled UNM student program completion. Be sure to get prior approval in writing before completing the course!

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    Will financial aid cover the cost of an Extension Credit course?

    No. Extension Credit courses are fee based courses, for which financial aid does not apply.

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    How do I view or request my transcripts?

    For information regarding transcripts, including how to order transcripts from the Registrar’s Office, please click here: http://registrar.unm.edu/Transcripts/transcript-request-information.html.

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    How do I drop an Extension Credit course?

    You will need to contact the Extension Credit office as soon as possible if you decide to drop an Extension Credit course. Please submit this dated request in writing with all student and course information included.

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    Am I eligible for a refund if I withdraw from an Extension Credit course?

    Yes, if payment has already been received by the UNM Bursar’s Office. If you withdraw prior to payment, the Bursar’s office will remove the charge from your statement.

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    FAQ for Organizations

    What is an Extension Credit?

    Extension Credits offer employers, school districts, non-profits, government agencies, and other organizations an opportunity to provide training and workforce development courses for college credit at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

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    How does an organization offer an Extension Credit course?

    Organizations should contact the Extension Credit office at (505) 277-6400 or email extncred@unm.edu for complete information on how to establish an Extension Credit course with the University of New Mexico.

    There are several factors to take into account when considering Extension Credit as an opportunity for training and workforce development:

    • A course must include content, goals and objectives, and assessment activities that are equivalent in rigor, credibility, and integrity to any other course offered at UNM in the same discipline of study. UNM cannot offer courses in areas which it does not already have in its catalog.
    • A course must be taught by an instructor whose qualifications meet at least the minimum standards for any other instructor in that discipline or subject at UNM.
    • Students taking Extension Credit courses must meet minimum eligibility standards for admission to UNM.

    When your organization is ready to request approval for a course, please submit a course syllabus and curriculum vitae or resume for the proposed instructor. If a sample syllabus is needed, please let us know and we will provide you with one.

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    Who teaches Extension Credit courses?

    Normally, the organization sponsoring the course supplies the instructor, whose qualifications must be approved by the department of the subject of the course content. Sometimes UNM will supply the instructor from its faculty. Both options influence the fees associated with Extension Credit courses.

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    What kind of courses can be offered through Extension Credit?

    Any subject reflected in UNM’s course catalog, if approved by the UNM academic unit that offers that subject, can be offered.

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    How does an organization get approval to offer a course?

    If an organization wants to supply the instructor, who would also be responsible for creating a course syllabus and submitting grades, then the potential instructor should submit a copy of his or her resume and a syllabus to the Extension Credit office. These materials will be forwarded to the appropriate department. Note that all remuneration for teaching in this case will be determined by the organization supplying the instructor.

    If an organization wants UNM to supply the instructor, then contact the Extension Credit office for more information.

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    How does an instructor supplied by the organization know what to put into a syllabus?

    Ask the instructor to contact the Extension Credit office in order to discuss the course. Extension Credit will contact the appropriate department for sample materials or for a contact in the department who can discuss the course in detail.

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    Who takes care of admission, registration, student records, and payment for Extension Credit courses?

    All admissions, registration, and grade processing occurs through the Extension Credit office.

    If students pay directly for the course, they will be billed by the UNM Bursar’s Office after course registration.

    If the organization is paying, third party payment processes can be arranged through the Extension Credit office.

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